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Dr. Nilakantan is a Research Scientist at Teledyne Scientific & Imaging (part of Teledyne Technologies Inc) in Thousand Oaks, CA. He also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Multifunctional Composites. He previously worked as research staff in the composites centers at the University of Southern California and the University of Delaware.

Dr. Nilakantanís research involves high performance materials, particularly ceramic and polymer matrix textile composites used for aerospace and defense. He utilizes his diverse expertise in manufacturing, experimental characterization, and numerical simulation to explore the fundamental behavior of composite structures subjected to various/extreme environments. In the military aerospace sector, Dr. Nilakantan currently works on designing, manufacturing, modeling, and testing an integrally woven C/SiC ceramic matrix composite material for a hypersonic vehicle aeroshell, part of a DARPA program. In the commercial aerospace sector, Dr. Nilakantan has worked on out-of-autoclave vacuum-bag-only (OOA-VBO) processing of thermoset prepregs. He is a pioneer in the field of reusing or upcycling thermoset prepreg scrap for commercial applications. In the defense armor sector, Dr. Nilakantan has worked on the experimental property and performance characterization of textiles and textile composites across the length scales, multiscale and probabilistic computational modeling of ballistic impact behavior, fiber-matrix interfacial behavior, occupant safety and survivability during crash/mine blast, and metallic and composite energy absorbing structures. He was the first to develop computational techniques to predict the probabilistic penetration response (V0-V100 curve) of woven fabrics used in soft armor applications. Dr. Nilakantanís research work has previously been supported by the Army Research Laboratory (ARL), DARPA Defense Sciences Office (DSO), and the National Science Foundation (NSF). He is an expert in using LS-DYNA to simulate large scale dynamic physical phenomena.

Dr. Nilakantan holds a US patent for an anti-whiplash seat mechanism. He is listed in Whoís Who in America and American Men and Women of Science. He was awarded the American Society for Composites PhD Research Award and the R.L. McCullough Scholars Award during his graduate studies for his contributions to composites-related research. He won the Allan P. Colburn Prize for Best Doctoral Dissertation in Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Delaware.

Dr. Nilakantan is active in several professional organizations such as ASME, ASC, and SAMPE, and has served on numerous occasions as International Scientific Committee Member, Symposium Organizer, and Session Chair at various international conferences. He is the Group Owner of the ĎA2E Ė Armor, Ballistics, Composites, and Defense Expertsí group on LinkedIn (>2500 members). He is also a reviewer for several journals. He has over 40 technical publications that include 20 refereed journal papers (with 14 as first-author, in the leading composites- and impact- related journals), 20 conference proceedings (with 16 as presenter), 1 patent, and 1 user manual. He has a h-index of 14 and i10-index of 21 (Google Scholar), and a h-index of 11 (SciVerse Scopus). Dr. Nilakantanís published research work has been recognized in both the SciVerse ScienceDirect Top 25 Hottest Articles and the ASME AMR Monthly Top 10 Most Downloaded lists. Dr. Nilakantanís Masterís thesis has been downloaded over 3400 times (as of Aug 2012). Dr. Nilakantan and his work have been featured in various local, national, and international publications.

Dr. Nilakantan holds a PhD degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Delaware (4.0 GPA), a MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati (3.9 GPA), and a BE degree in Mechanical Engineering from PESIT, Visveswaraiah Technological University (gold medalist).

Dr. Nilakantan is a permanent resident of USA (through the extraordinary ability category).


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